Kidney Disorders- Stones,UTA Infections

Wheatgrass is the most potently healthy substances on earth and considered as a complete food it is very rich in chlorophyll and increases the red blood cells count and lowers blood pressure  it stimulates the thyroid gland ,correcting obesity ,indigestion and a host other complaints. Keeps sugar&am...
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The herb is known to treat diarrhea, relieve pains, and induce urination. It is additionally applied for treating vaginal conditions, urinary tract conditions, including bladder stones, tumors, fevers, diarrhea, and coughs. Preparation and Intake: The plant is commonly used in form of paste, powder,...
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Composition: Each 100 gm Contains palleru Choornam - 100 % Tribulus terrestris,Gokshura Uses: Controls Tri-Doshas Prevents Urinary Problems Controls sex disorders Improves male sexual function Improves liver function Reduces body pains Removes intestinal gas  Dosage: 1 to 2 g twice daily with wate...
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tella  galijeru which constitute the ayurvedic crude drug Vrshabhu (as antioxidant, vermifuge, diuretic, uteralgia, oedema in the liver and spleen, for cough, rheumatism, etc.), green (leafy) vegetable or when the roots of these are used as substitute for "punarnava" (Boerhavia species). 'Galijeru'...
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