• Amazing wonder slim powder

    Amazing wonder slim powder
    Wonder slim powder Promotes :Weight lossReduces the accumulation of cholesterolImproves metabolismDecreases fat production in the body Helps in Maintaining healthy body weight Key – ingredients :Garcinia cambogia :It contains compounds that have been shown to have anti-obesity effects Hydroxycitric acid(hca)It reduces body weight &food intake & increases the no of calories you burn and accelerate fat oxidation & decreases fat production in the body. Amalaki : (phyllanthus emblica)It helps in keeping the digestive system track throughout the day & accelerates metabolism to burn more calories effectively for better weight management. Bibitaki (terminalia bellerica)Helps in losing weight,...

    kumkumadi serumBrightens dull skin and prepares pigmentationNourishes the skin and helps to improve its textureGives the skin flawless, lustrous, smooth, firm & elastic with a golden sheenMinimizes fine lines and signs of aging and gives natural facelift Relieves dark circles and pimplesKey ingredients: 1) swarna bhasma:It has anti - ageing, wrinkle preventing measuresIt makes the skin glow2) saffron:- reduces pigmentation, brown spots, and otmer skin blemishes3) organic coconut oil : - increases hydration, reduces inflammation, lightens dark patches & increases collagen production.4) indian rose: - has anti-bacterial properties which are excellent for fighting acne, breakouts &...
  • The great immunity booster

    The great immunity booster
    Noni syrup-maintains immunity levels-increases energy levels-increases endurance &strength in the body-rich in antioxidants, which help in reversing some effects caused by smoking-lowers bad cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy-reduces the premature onset of age-related diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes &strokeKey ingredients:1. Morinda citrifolia(35%) - it contains antioxidants that help in improving joint health, increase physical endurance, aid weight management, maintain bone health in women, inflammation, menstrual cramps, food poisoning etc.-reduce cellular damage caused by tobacco smoking and aids heart health in smokers2. Ashwagandha(15%)-it contains anti-oxidants, it helps in strengthening, building, and nourishing in nature.-lowers...
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