Amazing wonder slim powder
Wonder slim powder
Promotes :
Weight loss
Reduces the accumulation of cholesterol
Improves metabolism
Decreases fat production in the body
Helps in
Maintaining healthy body weight
Key – ingredients :
Garcinia cambogia :
It contains compounds that have been shown to have anti-obesity effects
Hydroxycitric acid(hca)
It reduces body weight &food intake & increases the no of calories you burn and accelerate fat oxidation & decreases fat production in the body.
Amalaki : (phyllanthus emblica)
It helps in keeping the digestive system track throughout the day & accelerates metabolism to burn more calories effectively for better weight management.
Bibitaki (terminalia bellerica)
Helps in losing weight, lowering cholesterol & improving insulin sensitivity
Haritaki (terminalia hebula)
Reduces the accumulation of ldl cholesterol in the body.
Guggulu :
Helps treat obesity by promoting fat loss & suppressing appetite.
Karela :
Stimulates the liver to secrete bile acids that are essential for metabolising fat in the body.
Pippali :
It helps in weight loss due to the presence of the active compound 'piperine' that has a thermogenic (heat-producing) effect & antioxidant property.
Ginger :
Decreases inflammation, stimulates digestion & suppresses appetite.
Licorice :
It helps to reduce body fat mass & suppress aldosterone, without change in bmi.
Meshashring :
Help regulate carbo hydrate metabolism & supress the maintainece of healthy body weight.
Neem :
Neem aids in break down of body fat & keep weight in check.
Shilajith :
Helps to lose weight naturally, the properties in shilajith help to reduce appetite that enables to eat less & burn fat.
Dosage :
Take 1 or 2 tsp twice a day
Store in a cool & dark place

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