kumkumadi serum

Brightens dull skin and prepares pigmentation
Nourishes the skin and helps to improve its texture
Gives the skin flawless, lustrous, smooth, firm & elastic with a golden sheen
Minimizes fine lines and signs of aging and gives natural facelift
Relieves dark circles and pimples

Key ingredients:
1) swarna bhasma:
It has anti - ageing, wrinkle preventing measures
It makes the skin glow

2) saffron:
- reduces pigmentation, brown spots, and otmer skin blemishes

3) organic coconut oil :
- increases hydration, reduces inflammation, lightens dark patches & increases collagen production.

4) indian rose:
- has anti-bacterial properties which are excellent for fighting acne, breakouts & redness.
5) sandalwood :
- has anti-aging properties
- a cure for pimples & acne
- removes scar & softness the skin
- has anti tanning properties and treats eczema
- saves the skin from prickly heat
6) turmeric :
- helps in treating acne scarring
- boosts skin glow and healing
7) almond oil :
- improves skin tone & reduce the effects of aging
- gives supples and smooth skin
- treats acne, whiteheads & blackheads
- reduce puffy eyes & dark circles
8) sesame :
- rich in anti-oxidant, anti – inflammatory, and anti- bacterial
Properties that heals the skin and make it glow
9) grape seed oil :
- contains powerful antioxidants which reduce the appearance of wrinkles & other signs of ageing
- soften & smooth the skin and protect against sun burn & sun damage
10) black seed oil :
- has antibacterial properties , used to eliminate all bodily impurities
- improves the tex true of skin and even out complexion
11)vitamin- c :
- it inhibits melanin production in the skin, which helps lighten hyperpigmentation & brown spots, even out skin to ne & enhance skin radiance.
Direction of use :
Clean face, patdry, and gently massage 2-3 drops of serum on the face
Leave the application overnight and wash in the morning
Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight
Do not refrigerate
Use at night time.

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